About ENK Financial

Accounting, Tax and, Financial Services in El Cajon

ENK Financial was founded in 2015 to provide high quality accounting, tax, and financial services to local business owners and individuals who need a higher level of assistance to manage their business and financial interests. Our traditional services include accounting support, tax preparation, financial ...

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of accountancy services for businesses of all sizes. We are qualified, professional accountants that can help you with the burden of financial management. We offer valuable analyses, counsel and other services in order to clarify your business and personal goals. provide tax planning and ...
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Save As Much As Possible

Perhaps more importantly, we understand that getting the most out of your work is a major priority. Why work for less? Our financial experts are not only efficient and effective; they also know the ins and the outs the system, and can sometimes save you more money than you thought possible. Whether your company ...
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23 Reviews

Phenomenal service.

Mar 7, 2023
Jaquel Pitts